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Questions for the River School...

Waiting for the River School to answer these questions — ┬áread the letter (PDF).

Background on the River School Plan

The Buchanan Estate (4220 Nebraska Avenue, NW) is under contract for purchase by the River School and the school has submitted an application for a Special Exception that would allow a private school campus, a child development center and health clinic in this residential area.

Based on the details in the proposed plan submitted by the River School in their application:

  • Traffic conditions would be made more unsafe for school children and the community.
  • Parking relief requested is not permitted and existing parking is already inadequate without further reduction.
  • Other neighborhood schools and day care centers would be negatively impacted.
  • The impact on our neighborhood’s infrastructure will be strained by Maryland and Virginia commuters (the majority of River School families live outside the District of Columbia).
  • Historic structures and foliage are at risk.

The River School proposal is too large for the site, and will endanger the safety of our residents and the neighborhood children in particular, by adding another large school of more than 350+ students, a 9,300 square foot health clinic open to the public and a 20,058 square foot day care facility, as well as a summer camp, to an already heavily trafficked residential neighborhood. The parking is grossly insufficient. This project will undoubtedly disrupt the neighborhood with multiple years of construction, overwhelm current traffic patterns, create significant noise and add new, imposing and unsightly, non-residential buildings to a residentially-zoned neighborhood.

We need your help. If you are interested, we are happy to provide you with additional information regarding the project, add you to our neighbor email group and inform you of upcoming ANC and other meetings where neighbor input will be essential.