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Put Safety First

Contact your ANC Reps and Others to Stop the Relocation of the River School to the Corner of Nebraska/Van Ness/42nd 

Here are ways you can stop the River School project:

1) Reach out to DC officials! Share these concerns with the following: 

2) Get a yard sign

3) Contribute to the Concerned Citizens of Tenleytown legal fund

  • or directly via Zelle® at 202-415-5764. (Zelle® is a fast and free way to send and receive money with the people you know and trust. You can find Zelle® in your banking app.)

4) Follow, comment, tag and add content on Instagram  #ConcernedCItizensofTenleytown 

The issue: The River School has put a contract on the Buchanan Estate and plans to move its current school to the location, expand the school and related staffing by three grades ( to make it infant care – 6th grade) and add an auditory center for the public. 

The safety concerns:

1) There will be at minimum 200 cars each morning and evening on Nebraska and nearby streets in addition to the rush hour on and the drop offs and pick ups at the nearby 12+ schools and day care centers.

2) The Buchanan Estate is located on an already dangerous corner where Nebraska, Van Ness and 42nd Streets converge that has been undergoing traffic calming measures for years due to current safety issues.

3) Converting the current residential property to a commercial zone will likely lead to regular use of neighborhood streets that are frequented by pedestrians, often children and seniors.