The Impact

Are you Concerned by the Math?

The River School currently has 200+ students. They want to move to the Buchanan Estate so they can grow to over 350 students, as well as adding additional programs such as a health clinic, summer camp, day care facility and night and weekend events.

If we’re generous and assume half the parents drive, then we’re talking about 175 cars showing up at drop off and pickup times. The length of an average car/SUV is 16 feet. Add on 2 feet in front and back for space between cars and we’re talking about 20 feet per car.

  • 175 cars x 20 feet = 3,500 feet needed during drop off and pick up for River School parents.

Does 3,500 Feet Sound Like A Lot of Space?

You tell us.  See for yourself the amount of available space (hint: 340 feet is a lot less than 3,500 feet).

There is roughly 300-340 feet from the Buchanan estate entrance to Warren Street. This is basically enough space for 15-17 cars.

Where are the additional 150-160 cars going to go at pickup and drop off times, since their obviously isn’t enough space on Nebraska for all of these cars? We’ve been told that The River School traffic on MacArthur is legendary. After looking at this basic math, you will now understand why. There just isn’t enough space for all of their cars.

Can you help us do the math? Please email us your calculations at 

Also note:

  • The calculations above do not include the roughly 100 faculty and staff members. Nor does it include the additional infrastructure impact of their other programs mentioned above. Have you seen The River School’s traffic plan for our neighborhood? We haven’t either.